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FAQs: Rice dishes

Inside the box, you will find:

  • The instructions, where you can access an explanatory video by Quique Dacosta through a QR code, with detailed steps on cooking. You'll see, it's very easy.
  • Two cans, one of them with broth, oil, and the sauté, and another with broth and ingredients for each rice dish.
  • A leak-tight envelope with wood-shoot smoked Albufera rice.

We believe that this raises the final technical quality of the rice. The ingredients need different times, salinity, and cooking temperatures than the rest of the broth. The broth contains a sauté, oil, and saffron. These products could modify the other ingredients if they were together in the same can.

None at all. All you need is a pot and a gas, ceramic, or induction burner. Only if you want to change up one of the rice dishes, you can add in whatever you feel like. In the instructional video, we suggest a few extra ingredients, but this is not necessary for the recipe.

Separate the broth and the ingredients by the weight Quique tells you in the video and keep it in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days, or freeze it. If you freeze it, defrost it in the fridge before using it. You can keep the rice in a closed container in a dry location.

The rice has no additives.

The ideal recommended paella measurements (paella means frying pan in Valencian) are 38-42 cm, but you can cook the rice in a pot and make it sticky, on an oven tray, or in a large frying pan.

Black rice is better without socarrat because of the ink in the broth. For all the rest, no problem. It's a plus.

Our ingredients do not contain gluten.

FAQs: Logistics

Yes. We ship to the Balearic Islands within 48/72 hours, and shipping costs between 15€ and 33€ (depending on the island). If you are in the Canary Islands, please contact us through the contact form so we can tell you about prices and shipping timeframes.

We can handle orders to all countries in the European Union.

For the time being, we only sell through our website. But we will gradually be providing information on physical points of sale in the future.

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